What is endomarketing? Find out how to involve your employees; A motivated employee can be 13-33% more creative and productive than an unmotivated employee. According to a study by Oxford University, happy people show more energy and dynamism in their work tasks, which leads to greater efficiency in companies.

Happy employees see the positive side of problems or incidents that occur in the workplace. Also, a comfortable working environment allows staff to adopt positive levels of satisfaction, to have control and autonomy to develop their creativity, to achieve set goals and, therefore, there is a balance.

As one of the marketing tools, endomarketing helps to improve the corporate image of a motivated team and reduce staff turnover. Not all companies have the same salaries or motivation opportunities as Google or other large established companies.
Still, there are many ways to make the team feel integrated and happy in the company – read on and find out!

What is endomarketing?

The term endomarketing, which means internal marketing, refers to a form of marketing carried out by a series of tools and actions developed with the aim of raising awareness, informing and motivating the company’s own employees.

This type of action helps to motivate and involve employees, creating a positive image of the organisation in them. An image that will then be transferred abroad, mainly to consumers.

The basic assumption is that by informing the internal customer well and making them feel comfortable with the organisation and its products and services, it will be easier to create a positive opinion with the external customer.

What are the benefits of internal marketing?

There are many benefits associated with inbound marketing, see the main ones below:

– Loyalty at work and reduced turnover: if you create a comfortable workspace, you make the employee feel comfortable and confident that they can develop as a professional. It helps the manager to share objectives with the company and motivates the team to continue adding value that can grow with them;
Attraction of qualified talent: companies that decide to bet on their employees are able to attract the most qualified profiles.
– Feedback and promotion of new ideas: if your employees feel that they are in a company that values their work, they will be more willing to participate and share their views on things.
Improved internal communication: where internal marketing is practised, there is much more fluid communication between areas, as well as the calmness of the team with the information transmitted by HR;
– Quality of work and results obtained: employees feel part of the company’s objectives and work harder to achieve them.

How to implement an endomarketing plan?

To implement an endomarketing plan in the company, it is necessary to follow four different steps. The first is to define who should be responsible for it.

In large multinational corporations, there are entire internal marketing or communications departments that are responsible for it. However, it is often a joint effort between human resources and marketing in small and medium-sized companies.

Once those responsible have been established, it is necessary to analyse the internal and external elements, identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses, define an internal marketing plan and then measure the results.

Analysis of external elements

This is often the most common mistake when it comes to internal marketing. A business is not a closed space without external influences.

Therefore, the first step is to analyse what is happening in the sector. It is crucial to know what salary other companies pay, employee benefits, whether they have a flexible salary and the like.

Identify the company’s competences and difficulties.

Just as important as being aware of what is happening outside the company is to know what is happening inside. Are employees satisfied? What are they lacking? What are our value-added points?

In this sense, employee satisfaction surveys are our main allies. Remember that they should be anonymous and there should be no retaliation if the results are not as expected.

However, it is also worth understanding what is being done well. There are often internal marketing actions that do not even require a cash outlay. On the contrary, they can provide a significant return on the working environment, productivity and motivation.

Establishing an endomarketing plan

The endomarketing plan or internal marketing plan is the document that will set out objectives and measures to improve identified weaknesses or enhance the company’s strengths.
For example, if we find that decisions are always vertical and employees do not feel that they are taken into account, quality circles can be implemented.

If salaries are below the industry average and there is not enough liquidity to increase them, other benefits such as home office, flexitime or flexible pay can be put in place.

Whatever the measures, it is important to define them as SMART objectives: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and over a period of time.

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